What is Mediation?

Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure which is efficient, flexible and confidential.  Mediation is designed to remove or at least lessen the trauma, bitterness and expense which usually accompany divorce and other legal disputes.

What is a Mediator?

  • Facilitates constructive decisions between the parties
  • Does not take sides, give advice or represent either side
  • Assists the parties in reaching a common ground for settlement
  • Conducts the session in private and maintains confidentiality

The parties involved in a dispute meet with an independent and neutral Mediator who facilitates communications between the parties in an effort to reach a common ground for agreement. The Mediator does not give advice or direct resolution, yet guides the parties through discussions of each aspect of their dispute. Mediation is a voluntary process with no formal structure. The parties are not forced into a resolution.  Mediation may be entered into with or without attorneys.

The Mediators at the dispute center facilitate constructive decisions between the parties. They do not take sides, give advice or represent either side. The Mediators of SEMA are there to assist the parties in reaching a common ground for settlement.

The process is flexible and designed to meet the needs of both parties. Mediation may be conducted with the parties in the same room or separate rooms. The parties may represent themselves or be represented by attorneys. It allows the parties to control the outcome and craft a settlement with all the details and intricacies they desire


Benefits of Mediation:

  • Flexible process
  • Time efficient
  • Less expensive
  • Less stress
  • Quicker resolution
  • Representation by attorneys or self representation
  • Outcome in conformity with the law
  • Agreements tailored to meet the parties’ needs


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